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Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Bienvenue! Welcome to Snooty French and my introductory newsletter/blog post/rant/rambling page and soon - recipes! A pandemic is the last thing I could have imagined while preparing for the launch of my new business. It not only brought a halt to life as we know it, but also protracted the intended inauguration of my business.

Initially, I thought that postponing until everything is “back to normal” would be best. Yet even while breathing these words out loud for the first time to my husband, I realized things haven’t been “normal” for some time now, and they won’t likely be anytime soon.

I exercise the word “normal” as a gauge for what feels right; balanced, flowing, and familiar rather than what is expected, homogenous, and monotonous. Without veering into a political rant here or blaming everything on Millennials or technology, I’ll share this: it is my belief that we lost sight of the beauty in the everyday. That, sadly, simple observations, interactions and immersions in nature, home, and heart were already superseded by our devices, work, commutes, power, divisiveness, and trepidation.

Sheltering In Place is not normal (although, the new normal for now) yet we realize its necessity. This does not come without challenges in the form of anxiety, restlessness, and tediousness. Perhaps it is my ever-optimistic outlook speaking, but I find that now, nine weeks into SIP as I write this, I can say the grip of those feelings has loosened as I relax into the new normal and gain grounding, pleasure and soundness in all that found here at home.

Ironically, the major ethos of Snooty French is JUST THAT—enjoying the beauty in simple things. Things like nature, cooking, homemaking, and surrounding yourself with beautiful and interesting elements that bring joy and that transport, inspire creativity, and bestow calm. Elevating the everyday. Caring, sheltering, nurturing, engaging – sound familiar?

Air quality has vastly improved with less vehicles on the road. Even in our very walkable neighborhood, I've never seen so many people on the streets as we do now – many acknowledging one another with a nod, wave or a smile that you can sense, even through masks. Spending time with family, connecting to loved ones elsewhere through all sorts of means, cooking, home-keeping, crafting, game playing, creating, conversing, reading, relaxing, and reinventing have come into the forefront. Will these all be pushed back to make way for the return of our former normal life on the other side of corona virus quarantine?

Who knows. I remain hopeful that if we take lessons from this situation that we have ALL been impacted by, that we may all realize what really is important, and that our newly shifted, albeit imposed, priorities may become our new normal.

There has been a lot of emphasis recently on quick and easy, instant-meal this, nothing fancy that, all of which is great and necessary. However, the Snooty French ethos is NOT that. It was my goal in creating Snooty French, tongue firmly in cheek, to offer my many years as an entertaining and hospitality professional to inspire something fancy, to instill competence in the kitchen, to provide confidence in entertaining, and to beautify whatever you do. Because why wouldn’t you want to celebrate what is most important, who is most important? It’s the ethos at Snooty French to first of all; not take everything so seriously. And second, to do everything with love and the intention of celebrating everyday occurrences to become cherished memories.

And with that, I am happy to send mon bébé out into the world. I do hope you enjoy and share! Thank you for reading, for being curious, and for doing your part in bringing beauty to the world and to everything you do. I look forward to sharing in the journey with you!

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